Buying Guide for Flake Ice Machine


One of life’s most basic pleasures is a flake ice beverage on a hot day. It might surprise you to learn that it’s also a recent luxury. It’s simple to take flake ice for granted now that we don’t need to wait for ice shipments from the Arctic. That is until we run out of supplies.

Flake Ice can be crucial, as anyone who has ever hosted a cocktail party can attest. Even freezers with ice makers won’t likely be able to keep up with demand once your supply runs out. Ice trays won’t be of much use because a small batch typically takes hours to freeze.

And if you enjoy clear or gourmet ice, which is a thing, you already understand how crucial a good ice maker can be. This Alibaba Ice Maker Buying Guide will help you understand the world of ice makers, whether you’re looking for quantity, quality, or both.

Buying Guide of Flake Ice Machine

Buying guides for flake ice cream are as follows:

1. Space Available

One should consider the space they have to place an Alibaba ice machine. An ice machine usually requires much more open space than its actual size, not only for the installation but also for the proper functioning and use.

So, before buying the Alibaba machine, measure the available space and compare that with your potential locations. Prefer an area where the machine is easily accessible from everywhere rather than putting it in a difficult spot.

The factors you need to consider in determining a better space-to-machine relation are:

  • The size of the icing machine
  • Accessibility
  • Operational requirements of the machine, including the open space for air and heat circulation

Avoid placing the machine in between or close to walking ways like stairs and doors.

2. Machine Volume

Available space is not the only factor that affects the machine volume. When choosing the flake ice machine volume, checking the machine’s output means how much ice the machine can make in a particular time. Pick the right Alibaba ice flake volume by considering your daily ice requirement.

3. Efficiency

The efficiency of an ice machine is defined by two factors; the amount of energy used by the machine and the output (ice-making capacity). The efficiency varies with the machine and ice type and the ice breakage at the end of the cycle.

All of these factors are usually described in the product specifications. All you need to do is compare and pick the most appropriate option from the list.

4. Self-Contained Flake Ice Machine

Machines that can make and store ice internally are called self-contained flake ice machines. Although there are larger units on the market, these are the best entry-level options for venues with limited space that require 130kg or less of ice per day.

5. Remote-Condensing Units

With the condenser mounted remotely, remote condensing units are ideal for locations that require more ice than a self-contained unit can produce but lack space for an ice-making head unit.


The disclosure relates to a flake ice maker and a method for monitoring one. Even if a sensor (6) in the evaporator trough has not been detected reaching the maximum fill level, a clock is started when the water inlet valve is opened, and, after a certain filling period, the water inlet valve is closed.


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