Different Types of Rollers Used in Compaction Work


Compaction is increasing soil density without decreasing soil particles’ size or removing water. Compaction is the basis of all construction work. Compaction is done through a machine specifically designed for compaction called Roller or Compaction Roller. A roller consists of is cylinder mostly powered by an engine. Rollers are used to level sand, concrete, asphalt, and gravel. A small roller compactor can be used for different materials as per requirement.

There are various kinds of compaction like Static, Kneading, Dynamic or Impact, and Vibratory. Based on these types, there are several types of rollers available on Alibaba.com.

Cylindrical Roller

It’s a lightweight roller with only one lightweight cylinder. It has elongated handles and can be manually operated. This is the oldest and most common roller used to tighten lawn or garden.

Grid Roller

As the name depicts, it has a grid-like pattern made of steel rods. Steel roads are connected and may have concrete on them. It’s used for kneading compaction as the grid asserts high pressure. It can easily level coarse soil and rocks.

Kneading means tightening soil deeper by increasing soil particles’ surface rea.

Sheepsfoot Roller

Also known as Tamping roller rollers and has sheepsfoot-like projections that can be rounded or rectangular. It’s used for kneading compaction and leaves a pattern on the surface. It’s not effective for silty and sandy soils but works best on ballast, cohesive dense soil, clay, etc.

Pneumatic Tired Roller

It consists of a container on two axles having wheels covered with rubber. It’s mostly used in road construction and levels a full-width track. It works best on course and fine soils, but soft clay and variable soils are a no-go area. The container may contain 20-40 tons of load. It’s best for Dynamic compaction. Dynamic compaction fills the soil spaces by varying weights in the container.

Smooth-Wheeled Roller

It has a large smooth cylinder in front and two or three-wheel-like cylinders at the rear. They are effective for ballast, gravel, and clay but ineffective for silty and sandy soils. They mostly provide static compaction. You can find it in two forms double drum or tandem and single drum and three wheels. These work best on heavy-duty projects.

Vibratory Roller

An extension of the smooth-wheeled roller, they have vibrators on them that go inside the ground and densify already smooth soil to increase compaction of the surface by removing all spaces from the soil. You can find many vibratory rollers on Alibaba.com, e.g., Steel wheel vibrating roller, Hydrostatic double drum vibrating roller, and Drum vibrating roller. It’s used for gravel and asphalt.


Different type of rollers uses for different purposes. These rollers play an essential role in construction work. As now you are abridged with knowledge about rollers, you can visit Alibaba.com to get the roller most suitable for your construction project.

You can discover small, heavy-duty, well-designed, and fuel-efficient equipment with varying prices and performance on Alibaba.com. Choose the one that matches your project needs.


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